The best tool for flow analysis and physical retail advertising

An efficient combination of hardware and software that delivers all your business metrics in real time through dashboard, application and wearables. It analyzes your data and has complete reports and parameter predictions through artificial intelligence, making it possible for you to make more assertive decisions.

Physical Retail Analysis

AVI is an analysis and monitoring tool that enables you to understand your customer’s behavior and profile in the physical environment and therefore communicate with them.

It’s possible to recognize your customer’s mood, gender, age, monitor incoming, passersby, shop window attractiveness, on-site permanence, frequency, and other metrics that lead to target audience understanding, performance analysis, and decision-making.

The AVI device is installed in the store, the metrics are accessed through dashboard and app, being updated live. There’s also a possibility of integrating AVI with BI and ERP system.


This feature indicates the number of people who entered the store, the number of people who passed in front of it and the fitting room flow.

Rush Hour

Demonstrates the flow of people according to the time, graphically identifying periods of highest and lowest flow.

Attractiveness flow

It counts the number of passersby versus the number of people who actually entered, quantifying the relation between them.

Frequency rate

It counts the frequency with which the customer frequents the place, identifying frequent and new customers.

Permanence Rate

Indicates the minimum, maximum and average time the customer spent inside the store.


Identifies the most common path the customers go through in the store and the points of lowest and largest access in the layout.


Indicates the impact of the weather on metrics such as flow of people, permanence and conversion.

Conversion rate

Through integration with customer BI/ERP, it indicates the relation between people who get in the store, actual purchases, average ticket and the number of purchased items.

Facial Recognition

Identifies the gender, age group and mood of the people who entered the store, making it possible to confirm and understand the effective audience of the place.

Mobile devices analysis

Identifies which brands and operational systems are more used by the frequent audience of the store.

Event Logger Application

Inclusion of unique information of the store, making it possible to log events quickly in order to analyze them in the future and receive unique insights.

Queuing rate

Metering of waiting time in queues, average, maximum time and its variations.

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Smart Gadgets

Wearables that notify, Interact and flag your business information live. Your salespeople can be notified of how close they are to their goals, whether there’s a customer looking for assistance or even daily reports.

Cognitive Advertising

Cognitive advertising will allow the targeting of marketing actions according to the consumer profile. The solution is to understand in real time data such as gender, age and mood and from this, transmit, on screen, the information programmed for each situation.


The first step is a site analysis by our engineers that can be done entirely online.

After the site identification, we only need to connect the equipment that will need a power point, with very low consumption and wi-fi connection.

Once implemented, the dashboard and application are available for access. Within a few days of installation, the tool, which uses machine learning and Artificial Intelligence, technologies that optimize and understand the particulars of your business, starts sending periodic insights and reports.


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